Using Social Media As A Marketing Tool – Systematically

One of the keys when you work from home with multiple streams of income is to spread yourself out over a wide variety of products and or services. A person should not have just 1 incoming stream of capitol but multiple sources.

A) Yes, the service is free and will continue to be free. From the beginning of next year we will be a premium version of the service . I do not want to say too much at this point, but the premium service can be a lot of interesting features for web publishers, are a more advanced statistics from. Our primary goal with DEMO was to increase the launch of version. We also got the attention of several investors.

For a packaged-goods marketer, Twitter might be viewed as responding to the question: What are my customers thinking? Let’s picture this scenario: Frito-Lay launches a new variant of its favored potato chips. A Twitter-hooked consumer walks into a shop, notices the new release, purchases and instantly consumes it. Next thing, he is hooked. Out goes an SMS to his Twitter account that reads: “Hey! You know what? Lay’s just launched a new flavor and it rocks!”. What happens now is that you reach out to an exponential number of your clients through a single consumer! It’s similar to word-of-mouth promoting on steroids. What’s more, if these other shoppers have mobile alerts enabled on their Twitter account, think about how they might react if they happened to be close to a shop at that moment.

Examples of social media applications are Wikipedia (reference), Facebook (social networking), (personal music), YouTube (video sharing), Second Life (virtual reality), Flickr (photo sharing) and Twitter (microblogging). Many of these social media services can be integrated via social network aggregation platforms like TweetDeck, Mybloglog and Plaxo.

Trends Analysis: if you are a niche marketer, you can use this service to conduct market analysis and find new hot niches. Twitter search is one powerful tool. Add to that all the tools that are built upon its API, and you have everything you need to find and dominate hot new niches.

You should also be warned that you still can spread yourself too thin. Keep focused. Especially when you expand or diversify. You can easily spend yourself into “broke” in a hurry. Take your time and use your due diligence.

Too many times, someone starting a business that is also new to Social Media hops on to one or more of these sites and starts blasting away with “ads” for their product or opportunity. I call this “Blamming”… almost identical in appearance to the traditional Spamming but in this new type of media interaction. All the same, blamming is nothing more than an indication that the relationship side of the equation is being left out. Blind, mass directed blurbs that tend to simply take up space where otherwise good information might have existed.

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Using Social Media As A Marketing Tool – Systematically

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