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Orlando International airport (airport code MCO) is perhaps more resort than airport. With millions of passengers each year traveling through the terminals I guess it was bound to happen. The end result is that MCO is among the most elite transportation hubs in the world.

The Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase provides for the first six months worth of purchases and balance transfers at an introductory rate of 0%. During this time, you will pay nothing for financing. After that time period, the APR on purchases is 17.99% variable. The APR on cash advances is at 23.99%. These are average or better rates offered. One downfall for those that select to carry a balance on their credit card from one month to the next is the method of calculating the finance charges as this credit card offers the two cycles average daily balance for calculation. There is no annual fee either.

The other thing with senior travel is, by that time of life your finances are usually in the best shape of your life, and you can finally afford that trip to Rome you have always dreamed of. But going to a foreign country can be a bit intimidating at any age, but especially as a senior. I mean, you know way before you hit this age that you could no longer outrun a mugger or run down the thief that stole your wallet/purse. Not to mention the fact that you can’t really hear the policeman that is speaking to you in your own language, let alone one you don’t know.

This little girl (whom was played by Linda Blair) scared adults all around the country so bad that they probably couldn’t sleep for a while. She spits vomit, violent, talks cruel and worst of all her head spins around. The Exorcist is a tale about demonic possession that still has affects to audiences till this day.

Let’s start with shopping, spa, banking and medical services. MCO boasts a world class mall right in the terminal. Many travelers completed their Christmas shopping this past year pre or post flight. Easy to understand with retailers that rival the Mall of America’s from Brookstone, Disney, Buy Universal Studio Singapore Ticket, Sea World, Erwin Pearl to L’Occitane there is truly something for every taste and budget.

And then, all too soon, the book is over. It’s almost impossible not to finish this volume in a single sitting, but like the best meals, you’re left satisfied rather than gorged. Short of a coffee date with Ms. Laemmle, who will turn 101 on October 20th, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to take a walk through the halls of horror movie history.

So now you know that a discussion about adult travels doesn’t have to be held in a closet. It is OK to let out your inner adult and shun the kiddie pools. There is not a thing wrong with wanting to find a chair by the pool, have the waiter bring you a mai tai, and not have to hear a single peep out of a child’s mouth. And if you want to get wild and crazy and party till you drop, well, that’s OK too.

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