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By all means, after the arguments and disappointments, it’s difficult to think straight when you are just so discontented. But one must look past the hurt and pain to see clearly what mistakes have been committed. What promises have been broken? Maybe it is not too late to reconcile a breakup. Be the bigger person and admit mistakes. Fix what seem to be ruined in the relationship – like trust or your respect with each other. Promise to change what’s needed to be amended.

Style can mean a flannel shirt and a baseball hat if that is the type of girl you are going for. Women will be attracted to men who share their general sense of style. If you want to date a super model, than you better throw on some designer jeans. If not, take them off.

Girls will always be attracted to guys who are naturally confident. This is why men almost always ask women out first…it is just the role men play in the relationship. Women expect the guys to be able to take the lead and go out to and get what they want.

There is a remarkable Biblical principle, “Ask and it shall be given.” But this is not meant to be interpreted just literally. It also implies that you make a psychological and spiritual appeal. In other words, it’s not solely the words that come out of your mouth, but also about your frame of mind and behavioral pattern-your thoughts, your feelings, beliefs, and actions.

In most environments, such as work, the dinner table, and the bus station, saying “please” can get you pretty far in life. In phoenix matchmaker, it is the kiss of death. Saying “Please call me back,” or “Can you call me back please,” is awful because you are implying is doing you a favor by calling you back, that it’s in your benefit instead of yours. “We’ll talk later,” or “You can reach me at ______” is much better.

As Santa’s helpers, we help Santa print his letters and then mail them to him in North Pole, Alaska where he affixes a Christmas stamp on it and sends it on the way to your child. From there, the letter gets postmarked and mailed. (After December 16, he has us mail them directly from Austin, Texas so they reach the children in time!).

When you agree to meet someone in person, do so in a public place. Provide your own transport, and have a quick exit strategy in place in case your date isn’t the person you perceived them to be.

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