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The first thing to consider is how to optimize your website so that it will start getting ranked in the top three search engines (This is called SEO. Search Engine Optimization) Google, Yahoo and MSN. The sooner you do this the faster it will get ranked and the sooner the traffic will start to appear. A great way of doing this is by investing in either a book, E-book or E-course on how to optimize your site. Our recommendations are listed in the “Useful Resources” section at the end of this book.

“The Monsters Ball” is a quirky new song that all “monster kids” should love and add to their future Halloween playlists. The track may be thought of a garage “Son of Monster Mash.” It was written and performed by Dean Farnell, who wrote to Horror Happenings about the recording. Musician/singer/songwriter Dean Farnell is also a blogger, and he got the idea for the song after thinking about icons of horror dead or alive and also fictitious such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Bela Lugosi, Stephen King, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, etc. all getting together for a huge party. We’ll be spinning it at Halloween parties for years to come!

Your normal curiosity can help you to look for the questions in life. By following those queries, you develop answers. The smallest wonder, if you follow through, can influence your life. You may wonder suddenly how a friend is feeling. Unless you pick up the phone and indulge that curiosity, you might begin to worry. Many people think, “I wonder if…I wonder if…” When you are wondering about something, and search for the answers, you soothe the concern.

Right now your business might have a logo, your name and a website. That’s a great start but that’s exactly what everyone else is doing and it is not going to be enough in order to succeed. You must have an online presence. Here are some ways to build your brand online.

You can use Read here to administer content from all your channels without ever uploading an original video. You can do keyword searches to search by duration, category, features, upload date, and more. To get started choose a few videos you want to add to your channel. You can create a playlist or favorite list, then use your playlist settings to arrange the videos.

Your mind is just as lively as your circulation. In case your blood is sluggish, your mind will probably be sluggish as well. Construct a daily train schedule into your day. It is going to assist to stop author’s block.

Stephanie continues to try to to recreate that ol TV magic. Surprisingly, she continues to go by her TV name Stephanie Tanner. She feels that if she tells enough folks about how she used to play on a popular sitcom she could be remembered. Shes currently in therapy trying to rid herself of the desire to inhabit the body of one of the Olsen twins.

The search engines will pickup videos; however, they are not able to determine content. To ensure surfers can find your channel you need to properly tag your videos and your channel. Describe your channel, and pay close attention to the video titles you choose.

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