The True Power Of Thinking Positively

One of the most useful skills or abilities you can and should learn to develop is to install any belief – any belief – of your own choosing deep in your subconscious mind.

That is however until now. I see my children grown up now in their 20’s and it warms my heart sometimes to hear the words coming from their mouths. To see their responses to situations that may be a little outside their comfort zone. They WERE listening to me after all. In fact I’ve had one daughter tell me outright that she always asks herself “How would Mum handle this situation?”. She has an awesomely positive attitude to crisis most of the time, and in fact she has come to believe in the how to think positive.

The positive thinking, affirmation and self hypnosis route do not supply that revelation, they assume it has already happened and then try to rebuild, but in order to build something new, the thing which was there before has to be removed. It is the same with a fixed frame of mind, we can not use that old fixed frame of mind as a foundation for a new way of life, it has to go.

Think Naturally – Incorporate positive self-talk and affirmations. No more “With my luck…” types of comments unless they are along the lines of “With my luck, I’ll accomplish my goals”.

Many people get to the stage of creating an image, but they don’t act it out. This is because they know what to do but they don’t truly believe in it – they don’t accept it in their heart.

Make sure you choose something which is relatively believable now, than something which is far out too inconceivable (like “I believe I can fly by flapping my arms”).

He is a sleeper because he can’ t control, he doesn’t see… Everyday, he wakes up like every people in this world(law of the universe, nobody can change it), however, he is not satisfied with his life, it is just a matter of doing things because they got to be done, because everybody is doing that…

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