Six Reasons Spiderman 3 Is The Best Spiderman Movie Yet

Halloween is upon us, and every year, no matter how old I am, I search for the ultimate costume. Last year it was BATGIRL. The year before that, President Laura Roslin.

The final reason that the Juggalo Gathering is gonna be fresh is the Juggalos… Imagine, just thousands and thousands of Juggalos all coming together toget live… You know that besides the stuff at the Gathering there is gonna be some crazyness going on afterwards. When you have 5000-10000 Juggalos, all planning to have the time of their lives, even if the Gathering of the Juggalos didn’t happen, people would find some big parking lot to chill and turn it into their own hype BLANK Gathering.

Jon Favreau is, of course, in the beginning stages of pre-production for Iron Man 2 set for release May 7, 2010 and is extremely interested in being in the director’s chair for The Avengers. Another interesting bit of news is that Eva Longoria had declared interest for a role in The Avengers. She was seen leaving Marvel Studios carrying a stack of Avengers minion videos and a Marvel business card. Rumors are swirling that she may wind up being The Wasp in the film.

Second, there is gonna be a crazy fresh haunted house… now, when we had the contest to win a trip to the Gathering of the Juggals (oh,and by the way, Alex Hand never got in touch with us to claim his prize… if you knowthat ninja, tell him that he is the winner… his email is down and there is no way to getin touch with him!), everybody had some crazy BLANK idea for a haunted house. Nearly every entry suggested a haunted house… Now, I personally love haunted houses! I think they arethe total BLANK! I go to every one in the Detroit Area every October… And I will tell youthat there is no one out there who can make a fresher haunted house for the Juggalos thanthe people at Terror Town… Simply put, it will be the BLANK!

Scratch card players will also have the chance to win one of two grand prizes: a $250 Cash Cow Card from J.P. Licks and one floral arrangement a month for one year from Twig.

Jelly Nuts : People are always jokingly calling Brian Gorie a wussy, but that kid is straight up tough… tougher than I am… he is mad young and mad small, but he takes bumps in the ring that would kill anyone else, and doesn’t complain one bit. I seen that kid fly over a ring do a flip in the air, land on his head on a metal ramp, and still get up and walk away from it. And at the end of the match, ICP get all the glory and Brian Gorie walks away a loser and doesn’t complain about any of it. Straight up in real life that kid is mad fresh!

Even with space saving techniques, it is very difficult to hold on to extra space. It’s a surprisingly elusive thing that many people struggle to find. It’s not the Holy Grail, but finding it is a challenge in its own right.

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Six Reasons Spiderman 3 Is The Best Spiderman Movie Yet

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