Ponytails Causing Hair Loss

These days it seems like doctors can transplant almost anything. Heart transplants and kidney transplants have become fairly common procedures but things like eye transplants and even face transplants are a lot more risky and still in an experimental phase. The same goes for hair transplants. Although its come a long way in the last 10 years, its still procedure that is being refined and many are only having limited success with it.

Forgive the automobile analogy, but unless you can afford to keep a Ferrari in your garage, you may want to stick with a more serviceable model. You are going to look ridiculous driving around your small town in Iowa in a Ferrari.

Another treatment is What Is Hair Transplant. In transplant, a doctor will move healthy from the back and side of your head to the top to restore a natural look.

The 2% solution, available in a 30-day supply cost about $30. It is available over the counter and the 5% version is the most powerful product that you will be able to purchase over the counter. The 2% is recommended for use if you are just starting to lose hair.

For some it may be to just cover up the thinning hair line and for some it may be serious balding problems. Some people may even want to correct an earlier transplant job gone wrong.

Another common treatment is to wear hairpiece, such as toupees or wigs, which has come a long way in how they look. Finding the right hairpiece can take time and study. There is a wide range in cost and quality. Hairpiece also require regular maintenance which can run between $60 and $300 per month.

If you are thinking that FUE will be the best option, think again. FUE works by punching holes around a single hair and removing it; the hair will then be implanted to the scalp. But this procedure is more prone to error. A doctor cannot see the underlying direction of the hair follicle. So he might cut the hair in the wrong direction, and it will be wasted. If you run out of hair, then that will be the problem.

These are some of the most known acne scar treatments. You can learn more about each of them just by visiting a dermatologist. If you are serious about scar removal click below.

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