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India is a biggest country with great population. The population is increasing day by day. Every year also increasing the number of graduates students. Today everyone has a big question about his or her careers. There are a lot competition to take a job. Jobs also available in Private Sector and Government Departments. But now the main thing which job is better. Everyone in India 1st try to take a Government Employement there are a lot of reasons for this. But the government job is not easy to take there are a lot of competition. Lets discuss..

I have already mentioned that security is the first reason for preferring a government job. Let me prove this with an example. In private companies, the impact of loss will be directly faced by the working employees by losing their jobs. Coming to sarkari jobs no bother about loss or gain, you will receive your pay and this will not even show any effect on your job. This will create insecure felling in our minds which will affect on our minds a lot.

For some people, this type of work is a joy. Still there are some that this provides a burden. Human bodies and brains were not developed to work constantly. there has to be time to re fire the batteries. Too much work can quickly cause burnout. If there is no incentives to do this type of work, people will soon start hating their job or profession.

Starting yesterday, the We are Change conference is taking place in New York City, complete with speakers, workshops, and protests — attended by a surprising large group of individuals who want to raise awareness as well as seek solutions to the confusion of 9/11 events.

After 9/11, it is true when it is said “the world completely changed,” and from my perspective, I see many freedoms lost as a result, even being an uninvolved party. Going through an airport is a hassle, with more security than you can imagine — and an innumerable amount of ssc gd result in homeland security. Just last week, when flying out of Philadelphia airport, I was approached by someone who asked me why I was flying and what I was doing. Tempted to tell her it was none of her business, I recognized this as typical government intrusion, and just gave her straight eye contact and told her I was studying abroad. Even being considered a domestic terrorist, I got to fly with no problems.

There are warning signs that the employer should look for. They are unable to concentrate, dwell on work issues after hours, short temper, headaches, upset stomaches, and increasing irritability are warning signs that enough is enough.

It is the Republicans who are very open to a shut down. The Senate is under a lot of pressure to come up with a plan this week. Those up for re-election in 2012 will be going on record as to what to do about the over $14 trillion dollars of the now existing federal government debt.

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