How To Defend Yourself In A Credit Card Debt Lawsuit

I am not a lawyer, I am a judgment referral expert (Judgment Broker). This article is about on recovering what is owed. This article is based on my experience in California. Laws vary in each state, and nothing in any of my articles can ever be considered legal advice.

It is good practice to get certified copies of the AO, to quickly serve on parties and/or their lawyers, so they cannot claim they did not believe it to be genuine.

Our main line of business is that of filing law suits in various courts, locating defendants and witnesses, and serving the process. But that just tells you what we do and fails to tell you how we do it or describe the quality of the service.

In the United States women file two-thirds of the time for divorce. Many men are shocked when presented with divorce papers. As the shows up they often think it is some other civil suit or ignored parking tickets. Some are in such shock that they end up with drunken driving charges from the stressful event. The anger is doused by alcohol from the complete betrayal by their significant other.

If you get a notice of this in the mail, visit your court and ask them how to proceed. In general you must file an opposition to their claim. If the debtor does not have a valid reason, their attempt will not work.

1) Settling. It costs time and/or money to turn a debt into a judgment, and then to have a judgment or debt collected. In many places, even small claims court costs hundreds of dollars to start a lawsuit. Even when you get a judgment, to recover any money back, you have to give up a lot – an average of one-half, of what is collected. For this reason, settling could be a good option.

Serving process is a small part of the responsibility of a legal professional, let alone a law firm. But it’s an important part of our Constitutional right to due process. Making sure it’s done right requires more than a price list. Ask the right questions and build a relationship with a trusted provider of process service. “Oops” is just not a good answer to give a client when a process has been improperly served.

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How To Defend Yourself In A Credit Card Debt Lawsuit

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