Getting Started With Dog Crate Training For Your New Dog

Do you really need to a dog trainer? You can do a lot of dog training at home yourself. Most puppies learn quickly if you are consistent about what you teach them. You can usually teach them housetraining and some basic manners in a few weeks.

Most pet owners must work a job and therefore must leave their dog home alone. Puppies cannot hold their bladders for more than a few hours. So, you must make some allowances to deal with this situation. Puppy pads are thin white pads specially designed for theonlinedogtrainer. Puppy pads are much like using diapers on a baby; they are nice to have, but you never want them to be a long term solution for elimination purposes.

If you are rewarding your dog for normal daily good behavior, or when you simply feel the need to give your pet a tasty treat, then by all means give them a treat they will enjoy, but be careful, as too many rewards given for no effort diminishes the effectiveness of each reward.

The basic idea of training is to positively teach your dog that certain actions he performs would bring him rewards. It’s like teaching them that when they roll over or bark upon command, they would be getting a prize. However, when dogs are taught by punishment such as hitting or screaming, they would retaliate and cower in fear, making the process frustrating to owner and dog.

Teach “Sit” by holding a goody in your fist so the dog can easily see it. Move the treat over his head from front to back while saying “Sit.” As soon as he sits, prize him with the treat in your hand by putting his bowl on the floor before you.

Usually the best place to start leash training is your own backyard. The Pit Bull puppy is probably already very familiar with this area now, so he will be less focused on exploring, and more on training. You also don’t have to worry about other animals on the scene, as you would at a park or local walking track.

This system of approaching your pet will result in effectively remediating your dog behavioral issues, without causing your pet harm or severing the relationship between you and your pet. You’ll notice your pooch rewards you with a new, loving attitude, and a healthy respect, not out of fear but out of love. Use this approach when you want to eradicate dog behavioral problems for good.

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Getting Started With Dog Crate Training For Your New Dog

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