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I have watched the housing market problem for some time now; in fact I have also been involved in it. Many people have faced terrible times and short of overthrowing our government, I have some helpful thoughts. I have been flipping houses for several years now and I can say that houses are actually selling, under the right circumstances, that is.

Warning: Be very wary of people who aggressively try to buy a house for investment purposes. Although many legitimate real estate investors had a large amount of fraud “Stop Foreclosure” scams, and it is reasonable to be very careful.

When selling your home you must be coachable. This means that you will be willing to take the advice of a real estate professional. Doing your homework on the stages of selling a home is important. However, when you begin to work with a realtor, you should hand over your trust to them. That is why finding a estate agent services that you have a positive relationship with is very important. Just remember that they have your best interest in mind and that they are very knowledgeable in their field.

Dealers are responsible for relaying information to their clients. In this case, the seller has the right to know of the interested party and the offers that are in the market. As the seller, you are have the right to know and make inquiries to your agent. During this exercise, the buyer and broker will be together until the purchase is completed. The dealer evaluates the financial position of the client so as to find the best deals in the market.

My seller is motivated and will do whatever it takes to sell. Even so-called motivated clients have a hard time getting in gear and doing what it takes to sell their home. Cluttered rooms. Weedy yards. Run-down homes. All real estate agents will see them from time to time. And it’s up to the real estate agent to get things moving. If the sellers can’t be pushed to doing some of these things, then the real estate agent can decide whether it’s worth it to arrange to have some things done. Hiring a home stager, a landscaping crew or a maintenance man may cost a few bucks but also may be the difference between a sold home and one languishing on the market.

A commercial real estate agent who specializes in providing real estate services to companies is an expert at searching for space and negotiating with commercial landlords and sellers. An office lease, for example, can easily be 50 to 100 pages or more and contain language that most people have never heard of. Corporate Real Estate Advisors deal with this all the time and understand the process, the language, the differences from one product type to another, and can guide companies through the maze.

Finding the right lender for the mortgage is the first step. One should work on improving their credit to the best of their ability before applying for a home loan so that they have the most ability to make payments. Having a steady job that provides a regular income and shows a past history of employment can also help to benefit you.

TIP#10- Go visit for sale by owners and introduce yourself. Build a relationship with them. Educate them and be there to prequal anyone who does come by to look at their home. If the house does not sell, educate them on the value and benefits of using an agent and refer it to a Realtor partner. That will definitely help strengthen an existing referral source.

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