Executive Coaching To Discover Your Purpose – Purpose-Driven Work

Morris: Given the current economy, many people are experiencing anxieties and self-doubts they never experienced before. There are forces limiting their career success over which they have little (if any) control. What is your advice to them?

Or…is your manager challenging and demanding and isn’t interested in you as a person, but rather as a means to move the business along. Whichever manager scenario you work with, you need additional support to continue to grow within your current position and further develop your career.

Noted Harvard academic John Kotter has written that leadership is about change for better results. Yet, in the face of uncertainty or anxiety, it is easy to want to go with what seems “safer,” more familiar. But taking the consistent and predictable path while comfortable Executive Coaching can wear it down until it becomes a rut. In ruts, the human spirit can waste away and eventually even die. Leaders lead people out of or away from ruts.

When he spoke, I noticed an English accent. Being the curious person, I asked where in England he was from. He shared his hometown and we just started talking. Within several minutes, I learned that he was the new operations manager for a large company that my colleague had been trying to meet with without much success. Further conversation revealed some internal challenges and we exchanged cards and I will follow up. Sales Coaching Tip: Most sales professionals fail to follow-up on leads.

Now obviously, the follow up from this is that you need to deliver – long-term trust can only be maintained and the mutual benefits gleamed if you can actually be trusted. But if you are a trustworthy leader then could you find a way to tell people?

Of course, it was very difficult for me to build a trusting relationship with this VP. Slowly he came to believe that I did have his best interests in mind and that I did keep our conversations confidential. When he ventured to say something confidential, it never brought him harm. My ability to be present and have empathy with him drew him into our relationship and grew his trust. In addition, I was honest, straightforward, and open with him.

The best managers are those who are constantly honing their skills. You will find them always working on the basics of management, attending workshops and seminars and reading books and getting executive coaching.

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