Buddhism 101: Your Top 4 Buddhism Related Questions Demystified

The Japanese Zen gardens or Karesansui are some of the most beautiful and exotic gardens. The story of Zen Gardens goes back into the misty beginnings of Japanese culture.

Forgiveness stops us from punishing ourselves physically. Anger and hatred cause chemical imbalances to take place in the body and the production of great amounts of toxins. Energy and time are wasted and/or deflected to the negatives instead of the positives of life. How much punishment is enough? Nurturing a sense of love for self and significant others is far healthier for the body.

During a Safe Touch exchange session, half the students lay face up, shoes off, on massage tables, the others follow instructions to an exercise. The directions, for example, might be to gently put your hands on your partner’s body where you have seen a lack of movement and then follow the tissue’s natural movement (which is explained in the workshop). The Safe Touch is often light to the point of being imperceptible.

Lhasa is the spiritual center for Tibetan zen meditation baltimore, though the Dali Lama lives in India now. Both the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Monastery are pilgrimage sites.

There is an undeniable safety that occurs when someone else is objectively present when we feel and express ourselves. For example, “You’re traumatized. You’re getting a divorce. You call a friend and begin pouring out your heart. But then, your friend says, ‘Hey, I understand how you feel. Here is how you can deal with it…’ With that, the healing in progress is stopped. If your friend would just have listened and not responded, the healing could have continued. If you could have just expressed yourself, without interruption, saying ‘I am feeling this’ you would have felt better and have had the actual release of the trauma. The healing happens in the disclosure itself.” The disclosure is the re-moving of the issue.

Undeveloped mind will convince us that we must learn from the past and then plan the future based on that past, and all the while we are never in the moment long enough to really live. We are forever lost to the past and the future, which are all dead and conceptual. We never actually live in reality; we live in images.

Practicing meditation does not happen overnight. It may even take months before you master it. Nevertheless, the benefits are definitely going to be worth the wait. In the process, you will notice how you become to be more productive, clear with your objectives, and definitely a much better person than before.

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Buddhism 101: Your Top 4 Buddhism Related Questions Demystified

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