A Step By Step Plan For Starting Your Own Business On The Internet

Another way to create additional streams is to take a product that you already have and expand upon it. A good example is to take an e-book that you have published, and offer it on CD. I use allot of informational CD’s in my car all the time. Plus you could offer it to handicap people as well, such as the blind. With an e-book and a CD available, especially series, you could easily qualify as an expert in that niche. And then, another possible stream, you could offer consultation on that topic or niche. Build a website that caters to newbie’s who are all but willing to pay you for your knowledge. There is yet another stream, all made from 1 e-book.

Business: You can not only do market research on Twitter, you can keep yourself on the top of your industry by following the right people, and push your business on it. Just make sure you don’t spam others.

Some SEO companies feel tweaking the metadata of a website will do the trick to push up the rankings on Google. Sadly, they are wrong. Search engines no longer pay attention to metadata anymore. It is the other factors that matter.

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One of the best ways of engaging clients and attracting new ones is through interesting questions. When anyone answers your questions, of course, you will learn many new things, but this will also increase your visibility along with that of your content on the social network. You will be able to keep these people interested in your page only if you read their answers and respond appropriately.

How can it help me? While the service is redundant to Twitter and Facebook at the moment, and not yet available on Google Apps (only Gmail), I believe the integration of GPS, iPhone-like devices, and Buzz will have a dramatic effect on retailers – imagine being able to advertise your products instantly, for free, to interested people near you? That type of thing is coming with Buzz, even if not yet available. And like the others, you can link to Twitter.

Use photos and videos in blog when possible. Google gives more credibility to blogs that use these elements. Be careful not to download and post to your site copyrighted material. Use the embed feature on YouTube.

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A Step By Step Plan For Starting Your Own Business On The Internet

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